Unit 5 tissues

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Tissues, organs, & organ systems

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Summary: P2 UNit 5 outline the structure of the main tissues of the body

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This page is specifically about bone tissue (first item on the above list). Bone tissue is classified as either compact bone, or spongy bone depending on how the bone matrix and cells are organized. BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care - Unit 5 Anatomy and Physiology.

Resources for Learning Aim A only. Tissue – cells that are similar in structure and perform a common function. Histology – The study of tissues. Epithelial Tissue (Covering) Sheet of cells which lines a body cavity or covers a body surface.

Covering and lining epithelium. Functions.

Subcutaneous tissue

Protection. Absorption.

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Filtration. Excretion. Connective tissue supports and, as the name suggests, connects other tissues. Loose connective tissue, show below, is the most common type of connective tissue.

It's found throughout your body, and it supports organs and blood vessels and links epithelial tissues to the muscles underneath. From Tissues to organs Cells combine to form tissues and tissues combine to form organs.

Connective tissue

Cells combine to form four primary tissues: Epithelial tissue - Connective tissue - Muscle tissue - Nerve tissue BACKGROUND:A tissue is a group of cells that have a similar shape and function. Unit 5, P4, M1, D1 In: Science Submitted By jesscull is called anabolism. This is when energy is used to build complex structures from simple cells, for example, tissue growth and repair.

Catabolism and anabolism, are the chemical reactions which are known as metabolism. Unit 3 P1 I am going to describe how marketing techniques are used.

Unit 5 tissues
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