Spartan religion

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Covenant religion

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Spartan Religion

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Spartan religion Great Journey is the central goal of the Covenant religion. According to the Covenant, the Forerunners initiated the first Great Journey through the use of the seven Halos, or sacred rings, which unleashed a "divine wind" that swept through the galaxy and elevated the Forerunners to godhood.

Slavery was a central feature of life in Greece. Families of reasonable wealth would have slaves to carry out the household chores, to go shopping at the market and even to help bring up children.

Sparta, under Cleomenes (c. BCE), overthrew the tyrants of Athens but the resulting democracy put a stop to any Spartan ambitions in the city. Sparta was, A peculiar feature of the Spartans and their military was the great importance given to matters of religion.

As Herodotus put it. With reference to Source 9 and other evidence, explain the main features of Spartan religion - Spartan religion introduction.

(10 marks) In the ancient world the Spartans were known for their serious attitude towards religion and their obedience to the Gods.

Their strict adherence to religious ritual caused them to be mocked by other Greek. Spartan Motors job opportunities are updated often.

Greek religion

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Historical Background to Greek Philosophy

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Spartan religion
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