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The Australian government higher plans to float the airline in previoushowever, and decided on a new sale instead. Qantas Business Class Food. I was a bit surprised that a full dinner was not offered on a p departure. Thankfully, I had a nice dinner a few hours earlier in the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge, so the lighter meal was satisfactory.

A former flight attendant at Qantas has levelled shocking allegations against the airline after claiming she was the victim of harassment by a manager on a flight.


Now, she claims sexual. At the end of the s Qantas came under government pressure to cut its airfares because the Australian Tourist Commission and some government ministers felt that lower fares were essential for the development of the Australian tourist industry.

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Qantas, which was facing rising costs and falling revenue yields, did not want to cut its fares. Saturday marks seven years since Qantas flight 32 experienced an in air emergency over Indonesia.

The incident was the first major one for the Airbus A, which at the time, was a two year old aircraft. Although the flight landed safely with no injuries to the passengers and crew on board, the.

LONDON: Moving Qantas’ stopover hub from Dubai back to Singapore next year will have limited impact on the emirate’s tourism sector, according to industry experts. QANTAS) is the front-liner in Australian aviation industry.

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From a regional air service company, Qantas grew to meet the increasing demands of the fast expanding market.

Qantas industry
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