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Fleetwood Mac have announced they’ll be regrouping along with Stevie Nicks for a tour. I read the name [Rhiannon] of it in a ~ in a ~ just a novel and really liked it and thought, 'that's really a beautiful name." Sat down, tap, tap, tap about 10 minutes later wrote think that she was, in fact, Queen and that her memory became the myth.

Rumors of witchcraft (quote from Wikipedia)A rumor that has trailed Nicks through the years is that she is a witch and is heavily involved in Wicca. While she admits to having a high regard for the mythic and gothic, she denies any solitary dedication to any one religion, including Wicca.

American Horror Story is absolutely brilliant. Season 3 continues that brilliance that began with Season 1. The series is unique in many ways, one of the most extraordinary things is the use of the same cast as different characters from season to season, like a troupe of Shakespearean actors traveling from stage to stage in Old England.

Fleetwood Mac to reunite with Stevie Nicks for 2018 tour

Is Stevie Nicks a witch or Wiccan? Here's the answer from a real Wiccan, along with her witchiest videos and songs.

Nicks story
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