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List of Licensed Microfinance Institutions in Kenya (MFIs)

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Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Microfinance(Microfinance) in Kenya

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Microfinance Gateway - CGAP

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4G Capital Microfinance Jobs in Kenya

Jacinta Mwatela: Regulation of microfinance in Kenya Speech by Mrs Jacinta Mwatela, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, at the Stakeholders Forum on the Deposit-Taking Microfinance Regulations issued under the.

By there were 24 large micro finance institutions in Kenya, which provided US $ billion to approximately million active borrowers. With overclients, Equity Bank had the largest share of business loans representing market share of % followed by.

The Micro-finance Act defines a micro-finance bank as: “a company which is licensed to carry on microfinance bank business, and includes all branches, marketing units, outlets, offices and any other place of business that may be licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya.”.

KWFT – Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Ltd. Popularly known as KWFT, Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Ltd is one of the biggest Deposit Taking Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, and was licensed to operate as an MFI by the CBK on 31st March, Like Faulu Kenya, KWFT has branches all.

FINCA International is a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Washington, DC that uses market-based solutions, like microfinance and social enterprise, to catalyze economic growth, expand financial inclusion and alleviate poverty in underserved regions worldwide. Letshego Place, Plot 22, Khama Crescent.

List of Licensed Microfinance Institutions in Kenya (MFIs)

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