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Because he is a doctor, however, said note cannot be read due to this poor handwriting. The lady wants to know what the letter says, so she takes it to a pharmacist because she knows they can read doctors' handwriting.

Dec 23,  · A medical alphabet.

Legibility of doctors’ handwriting: quantitative comparative study

Eric Partridge described in detail such alphabets and their development, writing that their “origin lies in the pleasure mankind takes in playing about with words.

The manner ranges from the naïvely and almost moronically humorous, through the ingenious, to the genuinely witty (the doctor's. So I happened to ask him how can they figure out the doctor’s handwriting.

He told me they have all the initial assigned to the every words and thats how they understand simply by reading the first alphabet only what the medicine is about. Prefer a cursive handwriting font to model? Check out the Cursive ABC Flashcards and Cursive ABC Posters and download them today!

–> Download the FREE Alphabet Flashcards HERE (xray) Download the FREE Alphabet Flashcards HERE (xylophone) Download the FREE Alphabet Wall Posters HERE. I thought that Naomi Baron's essay in Tibble and Trubek's Writing Material entitled "The Art and Science of Handwriting" was very interesting mainly, because it discussed both the history and the present situation in handwriting.

What I initially found most interesting was the various associations that were made between writing and the person.

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