Conflik in maluku

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What caused the Ambon violence?

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Fighting in North Maluku since October has by now left about 3, dead.

Ambon, Maluku

Over a hundred thousand have become refugees. And it goes on.

Maluku sectarian conflict

Yet this ugly conflict has been less reported than the fighting in Ambon to the south. Maluku sectarian conflict's wiki: The Maluku Islands sectarian conflict was a period of ethno-political conflict along religious lines, which spanned the Indonesian islands that compose the Maluku archipelago, with particularly serious disturbances in Ambon and Halmahera Isl.

The Maluku Islands sectarian conflict was a period of ethno-political conflict along religious lines, which spanned the Indonesian islands that compose the Maluku archipelago, with particularly serious disturbances in Ambon and Halmahera Islands.

Ambon (Indonesian: Kota Ambon) is the capital and most populous city of the Indonesian province of Maluku. This city is also known as " Ambon Manise, " which means "beautiful" or "pretty". It covers a land area of km 2, and had an estimated population of[1]Province: Maluku.

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Conflik in maluku
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Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia - Sources of Conflict