An overview of mauriania

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Elections in Mauritania

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Mauritania In the West African country of Mauritania, an overwhelming majority of the population lives near the Senegal River, in the southern portion of the country; the remainder of the country is arid Saharan desert, so it is no surprise that most Mauritanians have come to.

Overview of Mauritania Ouguiya The Mauritania Ouguiya is the official currency of Mauritania. It is denoted by MRO and divided into 5 khoums (the Arabic word for one fifth) presented by the symbol UM.

Summary of the book «Mauritania - Nature and Landscape», edited in by OAPN with the collaboration of IUCN-Med. Publication written within the framework of the collaboration between the delegated ministry to the first minister in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Mauritania Islamique Republic, and the Autonomous Organism of National Parks (OAPN in Spanish.

The World Factbook × Africa:: Economy - overview: Mauritania's economy is dominated by extractive industries (oil and mines), fisheries, livestock, agriculture, and services. Half the population still depends on farming and raising livestock, even though many nomads and subsistence farmers were forced into the cities by recurrent droughts.

The website for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development of Mauritania is managed by the Directorate General for the Promotion of Private Sector. An overview of Mauritania and its investment opportunities is provided by the site to promote investment in the country.

Atlas of Mauritania

An overview of promising. Mauritania is located in West Africa and bordered by Atlantic Ocean and expands in between Morocco and Algeria, in the south by Senegal, at East by Mali.

An overview of mauriania
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