Agriculture finance in india

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Agriculture in India

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India's public spending on agriculture R&D not far behind China: Niti Aayog member

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Agriculture in India

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Around the moneylenders exploited the system farmers. Agriculture Finance in India Professional moneylenders were the only source of credit to agriculture till They use to charge unduly high rates of interest and follow serious practices while giving loans and recovering from borrowers.

Thus, although agriculture in India is constitutionally the responsibility of the states rather than the central government, the latter plays a key role in formulating policy.

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is the apex institution at the national level for agriculture credit and provides assistance to the agenciesmentioned above.

The Reserve Bank of India plays a crucial role in this sphere by giving overall direction to rural credit and financial support to NABARD for its.

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Demand for food.


Agriculture Finance in India Professional moneylenders were the only source of credit to agriculture till They use to charge unduly high rates of interest and .

Agriculture finance in india
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Agriculture Finance