A response to modernist painting by

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By the s modernism had become a dominant idea of art, and a particularly narrow theory of modernist painting had been formulated by the highly influential American critic Clement Greenberg. A reaction then took place which was quickly identified as postmodernism.

An insistence on only academic art as being the only valid could be be seen as a "response" to the perceived excesses of modernism/postmodernism.) Academic visual art generally features an insistence on the primacy drawing over color, preference for classical or mythological themes, utilization of highly accurate but highly idealized.

Critical response to early avant-garde art. He posited that, after an inaugural period of innovation in Europe, Modernist painting became sublime in Abstract Expressionism, beautiful in the postpainterly—nongestural—abstraction of such artists as Louis, and then declined in imitative.

More than a response to the original, Modern Art and the Life of a Culture is an invaluable companion to Rookmaaker and essential reading for any serious Christian encounter with modern art." Taylor Worley, associate professor of faith and culture, Trinity International University.

A Response To: Modernist Painting by Clement Greenberg & Post-Painterly Abstraction by Clement Greenberg In this paper I will be summarizing two essays by Clement Greenberg, one entitled “Modernist Painting” and the other “Post-Painterly Abstraction.”.

A Response to Modernist Painting by Clement Greenberg Essay

Art History Modernist Movements. STUDY. PLAY. Romanticism 1st modern art movement of international stature to originate in the United States strategies by which post modernist art seeks to activate viewer response in ways which acknowledge and/or invite diverse responses.

A response to modernist painting by
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