A personal view of baptism

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Luther on Personal Faith and Baptism of Infants

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Christian Reformed Church

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Catholics view baptism as the means by which one receives the Holy Spirit. The sacrament is called “the gateway to life in the Spirit” (CCC, ). The “washing of rebirth” in Titus is interpreted as a literal washing by water and is associated with the rite of baptism.

Believer's baptism (occasionally called credobaptism, Augustine held the view that baptism was a requirement for the washing away of sins.

The assumption is that these household baptisms involved infants that are incapable of personal belief. [citation needed]. The baptism of Jesus is described in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

John's gospel does not directly describe Jesus ' baptism.

Believer's baptism

Most modern theologians view the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist as a historical event to which a high degree of certainty can be assigned. Baptism (from the Greek word baptizó) is an important rite that exists across almost all Christian traditions.

In many, but not all Christian churches, baptism is the act that admits the participant to membership in the church.

Baptism Bash! is a special service where we celebrate through baptism the decisions children have made to put their trust in Jesus as their personal Savior.

Family, friends, and small group leaders all join together to help celebrate this decision in a big way! Water baptism found early in the Book of Acts is, according to this view, now supplanted by the one baptism foretold by John the Baptist.

Others make a distinction between John's prophesied baptism by Christ with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's baptism of the believer into the body of Christ; the latter being the one baptism for today.

A personal view of baptism
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