A description of a specialist program in nursing that develops their skills

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Nursing (MSN) and Certificate Programs

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How to Become a Nurse Case Manager

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Nursing, MS

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Top 11 Skills for Becoming a Successful Registered Nurse Registered nurses, who manage the daily schedule of the patients, are the most essential part of the healthcare system.

They are the health care contributors, who analyze and help the patients. Driven by technological and educational advances, nephrology nursing continues to be a dynamic field with a wide variety of career opportunities for nurses at all levels.

Roles. Nephrology nursing practice requires a common knowledge base to care for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients with kidney disease. nursing specializations (such as pediatrics, cardiology, oncology) and any pertinent nursing skills, such as JCAHO standards/compliance or medication administration, that will.

A Clinical Nurse Specialist is an expert at diagnosing and treating illness in their area of expertise. Clinical Nurse Specialists focus on one of three main specialty areas: patients and their families, nurse management, and administration. RNs can also obtain a non-degree post-baccalaureate certificate in case management.

Some programs are specifically for nurses, while other programs are open to anyone with the background necessary to become a case manager, including social workers.

Many certified nursing assistant programs have flexible admission requirements, and prospective students can apply to most CNA programs online.

While many programs require a high school diploma or GED, some admit high school students still completing their diploma to .

A description of a specialist program in nursing that develops their skills
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